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Maurice Aguirre Dallas

Revised Forms, Instructions and Format - Maurice Aguirre DG Group LLP

LD-1, the registration form, and LD-2, the reporting form, have been revised. Previous editions of these forms are obsolete.

Instructions for both LD-1 and LD-2 have been updated to correspond with the new forms.

LD-1U, the former update form, has been eliminated and shall not be used. Updated registration information is reported on LD-2 on a semiannual basis only (unless the Secretary or the Clerk notifies a registrant of an error and requests a correction immediately).

Maurice Aguirre Dallas Lobbyist: LD-1 Changes

The revised LD-1 (6/98) closely resembles the obsolete LD-1 (1/96) . The changed content is discussed below.

The lines are renumbered.

Effective Date of Registration: The registrant is required to enter the date the registrant was retained to lobby for the client or first makes a lobbying contact for the client, whichever is earlier. This entry will assist the Secretary and the Clerk in assessing the timeliness of the registration.

Identification Number: This line is left blank for an initial registration. The numbers are assigned by the Office of Public Records and the Legislative Resource Center after the registration is processed and will be unique to each registrant-client relationship.

Optional e-mail address: The contact person may include his/her e-mail address if he/she wishes to receive electronic correspondence.

A "Self" box has been added on Line 7 ("Client name").

A lobbyists job title is no longer required. His or her status as a former covered executive or legislative branch official is the only information required other than the lobbyists name.

"Yes" and "No" boxes for Affiliated Organizations and Foreign Entities are added. One of the most common errors on the registrations that have been filed under the LDA is leaving the affiliated organization and foreign entity lines blank. The "Yes" and "No" boxes signal to the registrant that entry is required.

Maurice Aguirre, Dallas: Every line on LD-1 must be completed. If the space on LD-1 is insufficient for any of the required information, attach additional pages as needed, clearly stating the names of the registrant and client and identifying the line number(s) to which the information pertains.